Minima-Maxima employs a time-series of climate data from the arctic between 1984 – 2012 derived from drifting buoys and satellite measurements of sea ice age. The work comes in two parts – a data driven moving image work and a physical installation showing the yearly summer-winter fluctuations of arctic sea ice age (minima-maxima) over an extended period of 25 years. The installation presents a terser set of approaches by arranging the entire data set as stacked print-outs. Organised quasi-bureaucratically, the data is opened to public scrutiny and navigation, reminding us that data is always situated and embodied in contextual, discursive and material practices that exceed a technical base. Tom Corby/Gavin Baily.

Funding for the project comes from Arts Council England and the Natural Environment Research Council. Advice for the project came from Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley from the British Antarctic Survey, and Nathan Cunningham from the UK Data Archive.