Some orientation notes for engaging with projects (continuously evolving)

Practice takes the form of large-scale screen installations animating real-time environmental data, and more recently, physical installations and prints.

Themes explore questions of site, landscape, data, systems, environments.

Climate data for example provides insights into a range of invisible phenomena describing vast geological timescales, complex systems, atmospheres, biotics and other planetary inscriptions. The richness of this material represents an unexplored scientific imaginary, denotative of hidden material forms, planetary systems and the sublime. The approach responds to this, seeking to articulate relationships between social and technological worlds, and contrasting cultural traditions of landscape in friction with anthropogenically shaped environmental realities.

(Southern Ocean Studies, Northern Polar Studies, Minima-Maxima, Cyclone)

Mapping: imaginary geologies, geometry, geographies. Data distortions and the digital abject.

(CODEX, Cyclone)

Personal data: audit cultures for personal narratives (Blood and Bones)

Data: as producer of knowledge/data as mode of representation/experiential.

- Collaborative, making as shared and felt experience, experimental process,  transdisciplinary outlook.
- Explorations of remote sensing technologies (e.g. satellite imaging) and issues and opportunities this presents as mode of representation.
- Use of data to map system interactions between social, political and environmental processes.

TC: 2nd September 2018